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I have been  Jennifer Edward's student for almost a year now. In that time, Jennifer has become not only the kind of Teacher I have always looked for, but a true inspiration in my life. Jennifer is an extraordinary yoga teacher who has that rare combination of substance and style. 
In this Iyengar yoga practice that Jennifer teaches, the traditional yoga asanas are taught with great attention to detail and mindfulness, which has given me a strong foundation to build on.  As I continue to practice with Jennifer, I have been much more centered in an abundance of ways.  My body feels strong and we make full use of belts and blocks and blankets.  She has taught me poses that have helped me with so many common ailments.
If you are tired, she's got a pose for that.  Anxious, she's got a pose for that too.  Digestive issues, she's got a pose for that and just about everything else.
I am so happy and fortunate to have Jennifer.  She is truly inspiring!
 Maggie M

Jennifer Edwards
changed my lifestyle in a positive way. I suffered from lower back pain for the past 6 years as a result of sitting in front of a computer all day long and perhaps a few minor car accidents. I have been taking private sessions with Jennifer, during which she taught me different poses, including how to stand, sit and move. After the 2nd session, my lower back pain went away. It amazed me how quickly Jennifer was able to eliminate my lower back pain. Thank you so much, Jennifer!

Tina W

A yoga novice, I began taking classes with Jennifer in the fall of 2010 and have been thrilled with the improvements in my balance, flexibility and strength.  I am particularly pleased with the improvements in my golf game, where I was shocked to see a 10% distance increase in just 6 weeks, and in my skiing, where the physical benefits of my practice combine with the discipline of holding poses and quieting the mind has led to noticeable improvements in my form and stamina.
Plus she's funny.

Kevin V
I started taking yoga classes about a year ago to improve my flexibility. I happened to meet Jennifer while I was signing up, decided to try her Iyengar class and have been with her ever since. 
Jennifer's enthusiasm for teaching, her dry wit and her dedication to, and deep knowledge of, Iyengar yoga are infectious, and in short order I found myself acquiring an assortment of props to start the "home practice" she encourages. 
While my flexibility has improved substantially over the past year, and I've learned that I can actually do handstands and other poses that I thought might be beyond my ability, what has turned out to be more important for me is the calm and focus that I've found through Jennifer's classes. I can't recommend her more highly.

Jack R
I have been a student of yoga for the last decade and I appreciate the importance of truly skilled teachers and the impact they can have on their student's lives.

When I began thinking about getting pregnant, I shifted my practice more towards Iyengar in preparation for being able to continue regular yoga throughout pregnancy and prepare for birth, and that is when I met Jennifer.  During my pregnancy, Jennifer went above and beyond what anyone could ever ask for in a teacher.  She tirelessly shared with me her knowledge, experience, enthusiasm, and sense of humor over the many months I prepared mentally and physically for childbirth and motherhood.  I had a quick, easy and straightforward labor and a natural delivery, and my daughter arrived in this world healthy and completely unmedicated. 

Jennifer teaches a superior "Prenatal" class and is also very deliberate in making all of her classes accessible and supportive of pregnancy.  I credit my smooth and healthy pregnancy and delivery to my yoga practice, and along with my midwife and my husband, Jennifer was an integral member of my support team.

Julie L

I have been practicing yoga for two years and my daily practice has become an important part of my life.  However, I only recently began Iyengar instruction with Jennifer and I have been amazed with the quality of her instruction and the care she takes in its delivery, with the improvements our work together has made to my form and with the positive impact it has had on the more "flowy" parts of my practice.  Thanks Jennifer!

Nancy V

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